Our Expert Merchandising Services

At Windar Merchandising, we're all about merchandising services with a twist! We are the ninjas of the retail world, slipping in and out with minimal disturbance, leaving behind nothing but a powerful brand presence. As a team with a retail mindset, we know how to put your brand center stage in the retail arena.

Nos offres

Nous proposons une gamme de services de tierce partie en merchandisage :

Planogram Resets

Our planogram resets involve a strategic restocking of products to maximize sales potential.

Audit Service

Our audit service ensures your store is retail compliant and stock levels are well-maintained, all completed in a timely manner.

Installation des fixtures ou fixations

Avec notre installation de luminaires, nos professionnels dévoués s’engagent à la perfection et à la ponctualité.

Store Renovation

Our store renovation service includes a dedicated team and project manager for all your store projects, be they renovations or openings.

Couverture d'appel

Additionally, our call coverage service ensures POG compliance, shelf stocking, and promotional activity.

Windar Merchandising

Our Goal

Achieving retail merchandising success requires a seamless, timely execution. We meticulously coordinate every detail to present products flawlessly, maintain organized shelves, and deploy promotional displays promptly. Your retail space will captivate customers while staying perfectly on schedule.